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Insure Pack Bailee Coverage

How does your current insurance program cover property of others in your care, custody & control?

Are you at risk?

Will your current policy cover you if this happens?

  • While moving a desk into the truck from the customer’s home, the desk is accidentally dropped and breaks. Are you covered?
  • While packaging a Chinesse fine art vase it broke in the employee’s hand. Are you covered?
  • A properly packaged peice of fine art is punctured in an auto accident on the way back to the store. Are you covered?

Who We Are:

InsurePack is a custom designed insurance program to meet the individual insurance needs of businesses in all levels of the packaging and shipping industry. InsurePack is a division of Professional Insurance Advisors, LLC, whic his a family owned and operated Independent Insurance Agecny serving the insruance needs of businesses for over 30 years. Our family has a tradition of success in making a difference in how businesses puchase thier insurance protection. We do not offer “cookie cutter” insurance programs as we feeel that every business and client is unique with their own insurance needs. We feel that you deserve professional insruance consultation and an insurance program designed to meet your specific needs. Our foundation is built on honesty, trust, reliability, and longevity. Our clients know that they can rely on us to provide exceptional, knowledgeable, professional service year after year. Some of our clients have continually trusted our Agency for over 25 years, a testimony that our commitment to our clients is second to none. Our three generations of family along with our agency team are committed to providing quality insurance products at an affordable price. We have developed relationships with some of the best insurance markets available in our industry. This allows us to offersolid solutions for all of our client’s insurance needs. 

What our clients say about us: 

“I had the good fortune to be referred to Professional Insurance Advisors, LLC by one of our fellow store owners last year. I had discovered that we were inadequately covered for Inland Marine and we were doing a good business with high end Chinese antiques at the time. My previous agent and several local prospects gave me the “we don’t do that and don’t know where to get it” routine. Cindy Dampier stepped in and gave us a good rate for our other business insurance needs, as well as, a lot of leg work to find an acceptable Inland Marine policy. I would recommed Professional Insurance Advisors to any and all store owners interested in the best of service from true professionals.” — Chuck Radtke – Pak Mail of Bradenton; US266

Did you know that Bailee’s coverage offered in a standard Business Owners policy is often limited and may not cover you for the following:

  • Property damage to personal property of others in the care, custody, or control of the insured while performing “their work”. 
  • No coverage for breakage of fragile articles such as glass-ware, statuary, marbles, chinaware, and porcelains. 
  • No coverage for property damage to photographic lenses. 
  • Actual cash value loss settlement (no indemnification for antiquated or market value) for art, antiquities, rare articles, but not limited to: pictures, etchings, statuary, marble, brozes, procelain, and bric-a-brac.
  • No coverage for breakage of fine art items 

**Definition of Bailee Coverage: A legal term referring to Insurance that covers property entrusted by a Bailor to a Bailee, or temporary custodian of another’s property, that takes effect when teh Bailor recieves a receipt from the Bailee for the property. Bailee’s insurance covers damage incurred to property while in the care of a properly designated custodian. 

How do contracts that transfer liability hold up in court? 

Some businesses try to protect themselves from the Bailee liability imposed by the property of otehrs in the custodianship. They may try to do this by having their customers sign disclaimers of liability, hold harmless agreements or waiver of subrogation contracts. These types of contracts usually do not hold up in court due to the specific description between bailment and contract law. The courts have commonly overturned these types of contracts because a Bailee connot sipmly contract away their legal liabilities regarding the property of otehrs in their care, custody or control granted thorugh the Bailment contract. If ou take into your possession the property of tohers, you need to provide a Bailment contract to the customer and purchase a Comprehensive Bailee Inland Marine policy. 

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